Q&A: Summer Tips from Our Designers

It’s time again for some helpful tips, design ideas, and seasonal advice from our fabulous design team! These ladies expertly guide our clients through the remodeling process and keep our showroom humming day after day; we’re so thankful for them. Curious to learn what they have to say about summer projects and their favorite recent

Summer at Our Showroom

Have we mentioned that summer is the best season for remodeling? You might ask, why? Good question! Here are our top four reasons: Flexibility  Let’s face it; remodeling messes a bit with your daily life. Summer is a better time to tackle home projects because schedules are usually more free and forgiving. The kids don’t

Q&A: Tips & Advice from Our Designers

One of the greatest strengths of The Cabinet Store is our talented design team. Our business stands upon their ability to guide clients through the remodeling process and share their industry wisdom and expertise. In celebration of their brilliance, we wanted to share some tips and advice from our fantastic designers today. Read on below